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Dry land or open sea, mummification or corrosion: the opposition between Virgo & Pisces

Dry land vs. open sea, preservation vs corrosion: the opposition between Virgo & Pisces - America’s National Defense Reserve Fleet in Suisun Bay

America’s National Defense Reserve Fleet also called ‘Ghost" or "Moth Ball Fleet’ has been stationed in Suisun Bay near San Francisco, since the 1950s. 

Aerial photo of the Suisun Bay.- located in Pisces with Virgo
The combination of Pisces the sign of the ocean with its opposite sign Virgo the main indicator for harbours perfectly describes the two aspects of the place where the American reserve fleet ist stationed. Virgo is an indicator for a cleverly calculated and relatively cheap storing of the ships in a comparatively safe site, whereas Pisces as major indicator for the relaxed atmosphere of museums and as the sign of the otherworld stands for the realms of a ghost fleet.

Virgo´s role as the sign of mummification in astrogeographical field study can be observed at the sites of the Great Pyramid at Giza (Virgo-Gemini) and the Valley of the Kings (Virgo-Aquarius).

Ship Graveyard at Suisun Bay located in Pisces with Virgo

Astrogeographic position of the central and largest part of the ship graveyard for morphogenetic field level 3 which shows how the site is embedded in the San Francisco area: one coordinate is located in self-protective earth sign Virgo sign of preservation, mummification, harbours, storing goods, caution, reserves, dry land, holding back, waiting and long-term strategical planning.
The 2nd coordinate lies in relaxed, spiritual water sign Pisces sign of hiding, corrosion, dissolution, letting go, sea, fish, ships, hiding, sleeping, dreaming, the otherworld, the unconscious, mystification, legends and the definite indicator for superstition. 

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